A Special Talk on “Plastic Art” by Ranjan Ghosh

Organised by Department of English, NEHU, Shillong in collaboration with ICSSR-NERC, Shillong

Date: 13th December 2023
Time: 12:30PM
Venue: ICSSR-NERC Conference Hall.

Ranjan Ghosh is professor at the Department of English, University of North Bengal. Choosing to work from the margins and the provinces, Ghosh, a trans(in)fusionist, has his publishing interests cover a wide area of subjects like critical theory, comparative literature and philosophy, philosophy of history and education, cultural theory and currently plastic studies.

He is widely published with over hundred papers in journals like Diacritics, SubStance, Critical Inquiry (In the Moment), MLN, University of Toronto Quarterly, Comparative Education Review, History and Theory, College Literature, the minnesota review, Oxford Literary Review, Symploke and others.

Among his last seventeen books include Thinking Literature across Continents (Duke University Press, 2016, with J Hillis Miller), Philosophy and Poetry: Continental Perspectives ed. (Columbia University Press, 2019), Plastic Tagore (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2024) and the trilogy that he is completing to establish the discipline of plastic humanities: The Plastic Turn (Cornell University Press, 2022), Plastic Figures (Cornell University Press, 2024, forthcoming) and Plastic Literature (forthcoming). To know more about him: www.ranjanghosh.in

This presentation looks into how Ghosh sees Plastic Arts whose immediate confinement is in the realm of aesthetics. Proposing to broaden the domain of this concept  he introduces two subjects: one is how we see Plastic Arts as not merely Poetry and painting as has been traditionally representated and envisaged, but eco-earth art executed through material plastic. And the second, pertains to the broadening of the understanding of Plastic art through Critical thinking, interdisciplinary negotiations and the idea of the transliterary.

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