Man & Society A Journal of North-East Studies
Volume XVIII Winter 2021

  1. Folklore, Ethnobotany and the Construction of the Ethnic Self: Reading Arupa Patangia Kalita’s The Cursed Fields of Golden Rice
    Dharmendra Baruah
  2. An Analysis of Development Status quo and Convergence of Spatial Imbalance in North eastern Region of India
    Golab Chandra Nandi & Niranjan Roy
  3. The Prospect of Promoting Gastronomic Tourism in Meghalaya: A Review
    Hakamelamphylla Mawroh
  4. A Study of the Role of Public Infrastructures in Economic Growth of Assam
    Parag Dutta & Nihal Jyoti Das
  5. A Cross-Sectional study of North-East Region of India: Strengthening National Integration through National Cadet Corps (NCC)
    Rita Jain & T Bisht, S Gupta, P Diwan & S Kumar
  6. Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast Economic Zone: An Assessment
    Vandana Upadhyay & Nirod Chandra Roy
  7. Joyful Memories of Idyllic Times: Remembering Shillong in Leela Majumdar’s Pakdandi(1911-1919)
    Arpita Sen
  8. Poverty and Deprivation in Manipur: An Analysis
    Thiyam Bharat Singh

Special Issue on “Lesser-known/unknown Freedom Fighters from India’s Northeast”
Volume XX:: 2022

  1. Anti-Colonial Resistance in Meghalaya: Reclaiming the Unsung Heroes/Heroine of the Seng Khasi of the Pre-Independence Period
    Cecile A Mawlong
  2. ‘Quit our land, free our nation’: Anti Colonial Resistance of Rani Rupuiliani of Mizoram
    Sajal Nag
  3. Unsung Hero of the Adi Resistance of 1911
    -Kaling Darung & Sarah Hilaly
  4. The Forgotten Marginals: Recovering Indigenous Heroes of Indian Freedom Struggle
    -Binayak Dutta
  5. Maniram Dewan: Birth of a Hero
    -Sabyasachi Dasgupta
  6. A Short Account of Women Martyrs of Assam in the Indian Freedom Struggle
    -Raktim Patar
  7. The Forgotten Story of Lachima
    -Maushumi Dutta Pathak
  8. The Indian National Army: Its Image in Northeastern India
    -Abhijit Choudhury