Man & Society A Journal of North-East Studies
Volume XIX Winter 2022

  1. Willingness to participate in Contributory Health Protection Scheme: A Study among Rural Households in Assam
    Bhaswati Adhikary & Debabrata Das
  2. Empowering Tribal Education: Insights from Eklavya Model Residential Schools in Sixth Scheduled States of India
    Ramanand Pandey & Bhaskar Kumar Kakati
  3. Neoliberal Space and Border Connectivity in India’s Northeast
    Jajati K. Pattnaik & Bhagirathi Panda & Chandan K. Panda
  4. “A Place on the Map is also a Place in History”: Mapping Displacement in Women’s Poetry from India’s Northeast
    Suranjana Choudhury
  5. Changing Roles of the Maternal Uncle and Father in Khasi Matrilineal Society: An Inter-Generational Qualitative Study of Masculinity
    Ardonister Lyngdoh & Glenn C Kharkongor
  6. Impact of Institutions on the Growth of Enterprises: A Study of Papumpare District of Arunachal Pradesh
    Khoda Oniya
  7. Developmental Challenges in Northeast India: A Mizoram Context
    Kalmekolan Vidyasagar Reddy

Man & Society A Journal of North-East Studies
Volume XIX Summer 2022

  1. Relationship and Challenges in the Political Economy of Tourism Entrepreneurship: An Assessment of North-east India
    Benjamin F. Lyngdoh
  2. Impact of COVID-19 on Informal Manufacturing Sector: A Case Study of Wearing Apparel Enterprises in Assam
    Nilam Adhyapak & Bhagirathi Panda
  3. Memory and Representation in the Legends of Pensam
    Aparna Singh
  4. Localising Sustainable Development Goals through Autonomous District Councils in the Sixth Schedule Areas of North-east India: An Exploratory Study
    K. Vanlalhruaitluanga & Sumarbin Umdor
  5. The Quest for Governance in Northeast India: A Critical Appraisal of Sixth Schedule in Bodoland
    Anns George K G & Hasnahana Handique & N Mohandas Singh
  6. Fund Devolutions to the Rural Local Governments and their Expenditures Patterns in Mizoram
    James L.T. Thanga & Lianhmingthanga & Ashley Lalremruati
  7. Study of Entrepreneurial Intention in the Matrilineal Society of Meghalaya
    David F. Marbaniang & Kishor Singh Rajput